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At EUGENEX Biotechnologies, we generate expression cell lines and processes for the animal component-free (ACF) production of biosimilars and novel biopharmaceuticals. Our proprietary technology platform delivers excellent yields with high product quality. Through our expertise in regulatory issues and biosafety, our products are designed for a simplified FDA or EMA approval. Currently, more than 12 biopharmaceuticals derived from EUGENEX’ cell lines provide people worldwide with affordable, high-quality medicine.

 EUGENEX - Biosimilars


Ready-To-Go Biosimilar Processes


Our GeneXpress system offers ready-to-go cell lines as well as complete and partial processes for commercial manufacturing of biosimilars and novel biopharmaceuticals.

 EUGENEX - Technology Platform

Technology Platform

Our Innovative GeneXpress System


Our reliable CHOSI host cell lines, protein-free MAM-PF cell culture media and high-level pMOZ expression plasmids form our innovative technology platform.

 EUGENEX - Services


Tailored Solutions For Your Needs


We offer a wide range of in-house services related to preclinical development that are all available on a modular basis and fully customizable to our clients' needs.

 Our Mission - Global Healthcare


Our Mission


At EUGENEX Biotechnologies, we envision a world committed to sustainable global healthcare, and we passionately work to realize this vision with our quality, cost-saving production systems. Working closely with our customers and partners, we aim to improve people's lives and make life-saving medicine accessible to everyone.




 Business Area - From Gene to Product

Business Area


From Gene to Product

  • Ready-to-go Biosimilar processes

  • Cell line and process development services

  • Gram scale protein production and purification services (non-GMP)

  • Analytical and cell-based assays

  • Technology transfer and training

In addition to biosimilar development, contract production and our own research activities, EUGENEX engages in the co-development of new pharmaceutical drugs.

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