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We offer cell lines and processes for biosimilar production at different stages of development as well as complete ready-to-go processes for commercial manufacturing. Our product portfolio currently includes more than 45 biopharmaceuticals across different therapeutic areas.

We also provide a wide range of highly customized, in-house services in cell line and process development as well as protein analytics. All our services are optimized to guarantee the highest quality at all stages.


Once a process development is completed, we aim for a time-effective, comprehensive technology transfer to our clients to achieve rapid registration and market launch.

Biopharmaceuticals derived from EUGENEX's cell lines and processes are designed to meet the steadily increasing demands of regulatory bodies. Our technology transfer includes the transfer of SOPs and protocols, cell handling training, and process performance. Scale-up of the processes can be performed in up to 200 L scale disposable and 350 L scale stainless steel bioreactors.

Over 12 biosimilars derived from EUGENEX's cell lines and processes have reached the regulated and non-regulated markets, demonstrating the success of our technology.

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Whether your needs are in cell line and process development for your desired protein or a comprehensive technology transfer for a completed biopharmaceutical process, EUGENEX Biotechnologies will lead your project to success.

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