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Consisting of our proprietary CHO host cell line, CHOSI, the MAM-PF cell culture medium and the pMOZ high level expression vectors, GeneXpress system represents the optimal solution for the industrial production of recombinant proteins and antibodies. Based on the fully documented GeneXpress system, over 45 biosimilars and various novel biopharmaceuticals were generated in-house. The resulting cell lines were successfully used in fed-batch and perfusion mode and showed scalability up to 2000 L. Product yields of up to 8 g/L in fed-batch with excellent product quality at high viability and easy scale-up make GeneXpress the ideal choice for successful production. Many biopharmaceuticals generated by our GeneXpress system were already approved by several authorities and have reached markets worldwide including EU and USA.



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MAM-PF Media

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 EUGENEX - pMOZ Vectors

pMOZ Vectors

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Protein Glycoengineering

Glycosylation has a major impact on the biophysical and biological properties of proteins and is of immense importance for biopharmaceutical products. In addition to glyco-optimization through clone selection, media optimization, and process adaptations, we have also developed glycoengineering methods to achieve desired glycosylation forms and improve protein characteristics.


Gen-Stripper System

Gen-Stripper is a system for drug target screening that identifies ligands which bind to glycoproteins displayed on the cell surface. Complete or subtractive cDNA libraries of diseased tissues can be expressed as membrane bound proteins on the cells. Labelled ligands, known drugs or drug libraries are added to the cell suspension. Cells which bind a labelled ligand via their surface protein can be isolated by FACS. Cleavage of the membrane anchor leads to the soluble form of the target protein. Thereby, the system is suitable to find potential new drug candidates for a disease and isolate the target glycoprotein.  



Cell-on-Chip System

Cell-on-Chip is a system to develop and perform reliable highly accurate cell-based assays. The use of human or hamster cell lines growing in chemically defined medium guarantees an optimal signal-to-noise ratio due to no interference with serum proteins. The controlled mass propagation is performed in suspension cultures like in bioreactors to ensure a large quantity of identical indicator cells. Large numbers of identical well plates or chips equipped with cells are generated by adding a chemical inducer which causes attachment of the indicator cells to plastic and glass surfaces. Thus, the use of trypsin, which degrades membrane receptors, can be avoided. The handling of suspended cells during seeding and the tight attachment of the indicator cells on the plates makes this system highly suitable for robotic handling under high throughput conditions. Indicator cells expressing native or recombinant receptors together with a fluorescence or luminometric readout can be used to measure binding, activity and identify novel drugs.


CHOSI – Chinese Hamster Ovary Serum Independent

 Cryovial for storing frozen cells

CHOSI – Chinese Hamster Ovary Serum Independent

Our proprietary CHOSI host cell line derived from a CHO dhfr- cell line is perfectly adapted to suspended growth in our chemically defined (CD), animal component-free (ACF) media. CHOSI cells show a high secretory activity and express proteins with a human-like glycosylation pattern. This well-tuned protein secretion and glycosylation machinery ensures highest titer and best product quality, making CHOSI cells the optimal choice for the production of biopharmaceuticals. Expression cell lines based on the CHOSI host show outstanding performance in several culture systems and are used in full scale commercial GMP production. All our CHOSI expression cell lines are well characterized and stable with respect to product quality and productivity over time. They are fully documented and compliant to regulatory requirements.


In addition to our workhorse CHOSI, we also established novel host cell lines derived from BHK, Rat AS30, SP2/0, Hep-G2 and HEK293. Just like CHOSI, these cells are adapted over time to proliferate in our serum- and protein-free media and are suitable for large scale production of recombinant proteins. Our HEK-SI cell line grows in animal component-free medium and can be used for the production of Adenoviruses.


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EUGENEX’ MAM-PF Media, Feeds and Additives

 6-well plate cell culture dish

EUGENEX’s MAM-PF Media, Feeds, and Additives

Our proprietary formulations for MAM-PF media and feeds have unique compositions tailored to individual cell and process requirements. All media consist of fully certified animal component free ingredients and do not contain proteins or undefined hydrosilates. MAM-PF media support high cell densities in fed-batch cultivation of over 40 million cells per mL combined with high product yields and are optimized with respect to ideal glycosylation patterns. This makes MAM-PF media safe and cost-effective, and highly suitable for industrial production purposes.

For optimized cell cultivation and expression, EUGENEX has developed various proprietary protein and animal component free feed mixtures and additives that increase cell density, productivity, and product quality.


Our media, feeds, and additives are produced in ISO9001 certified facilities of our Swiss Partner BioConcept. All cell culture reagents fulfill the GMP requirements and can be delivered in liquid or powder form. Batch sizes range from 5 up to 5,000 L liquid and 1 kg  up to 800 kg powder. For manufacturing, all products are supplied with full certification including TSE certificates to ensure EMA/410/01 compliance. The highest production standards warrant consistency, reliability, and performance.


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pMOZ-Expression Vectors


pMOZ-Expression Vectors

The pMOZ vector series is suitable for efficient generation of eukaryotic expression cell lines. Innovative promoters, chromatin opening elements (COEs), and unique selection markers lead to high expression levels. Our tailored vector design for tagged or native proteins includes optimized genes, UTRs, and signaling elements. All vectors and genes are constantly being improved to provide superior state-of-the art expression systems. Our vectors consist of proprietary or patent-free components with fully documented origin and can be used without infringing on third-party patents.